Oral Submucous Fibrosis

   It is a rare disorder that involves inflammation and progressive fibrosis of tissue inside the mouth. It starts with issues such as redness, blistering and ulceration inside the mouth. As a result, the area may become stiff which will hinder the oral functions such as speaking, eating, speaking and opening the mouth. It can become severe and can be cancerous. There are various other options to treat oral submucous fibrosis. Use of laser in surgical management of this condition is one of the most recommended methods nowadays.
    As a high-risk pre-cancerous condition, most of the treatments were considered as unsatisfactory. A wide range of treatments such as surgical therapy, medical management and physiotherapy etc. are also considered for treating oral submucous fibrosis. But, all those treatments were failed to attain the best result. Diode laser is considered to be one of the best methods to cure this condition.
   The procedure is done under general anesthesia. Ideally 0.3 millimeterdiameter cable is employed to deliver the beam. Optical maser hand items are accustomed place the incision at needed sites. Incisions are made of the retromolar space to premolar space.
  These incisions were of two millimetre depth to achieve the muscle layer whereas incising solely fibrous mucous membrane and submucosal layer. A similar kind of incision is finished within the region inferior to the current beginning at a 3rd distance of superior incision in third molar space up to earlier incision created to create the form of inverted “Y”.  5 watt powered laser beam will be directed to the concerned area. The mucosa will be separated after extracting the fibrous bands. After completing these procedures, the mouth opening will be measured from different angles. Clinical examinations will be done after the procedure.
   Diode laser has already proved to be a successful and effective less invasive method to cure oral submucous fibrosis. 

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