Different Types Of Gynaecology Cancer

Gynaecologic cancer is group of cancers that affect a woman’s reproductive organs namely the cervix, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and vulva. Common Symptoms of Gynaecologic Cancer Women with the following symptoms should consult a gynaecologic oncologist: Unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge Vaginal bleeding during, after sexual intercourse or inter-menstrual bleeding. While discharge in vagina. […]

Cancer of the Colon and the Rectum

Colon cancer is seen mostly in developed countries. However, in the recent post, incidences have increased in India. Doctors have concluded that the increasing consumption of western style food with less fiber may be a key contributing factor. Compared to the western population, in India colon and rectal cancers are seen in relatively young patients. […]

Stomach Cancer Treatment From Experts

Initial symptoms of Stomach cancer are vague, which makes the detection delay to advanced stage of the disease. Unexplained loss of weight can be the most common symptom. Other symptoms may include: Feeling of fullness at stomach after meals Actual bloating Up at the stomach after meals A constant feeling of nausea Heartburn or a […]

Air Pollution makes Delhi the world’s most polluted city

In November, Joshua Apte, a Scientist from America visited India to give an insight to the alarming findings he collected about the air pollution in Delhi.He travelled in an autorickshaw with his laptop and various air pollution monitors.Monitors spiked throughout the journey.It was cocnluded that in a city of 25 million, the people who […]

Bird Flu Outbreak in Kerala

       The Whole of south India is on high alert following the outbreak of avian influenza also known as bird flu in Kerala. In November, Kerala state government authorities have confirmed the outbreak of bird flu in the districts of  Alappuzha and kottayam. It was reported that about 17000 ducks perished last week and […]