Oral Thrush

    A kind of mouth infection caused due to small bacteria that reside in the mouth, digestive tract and the skin is called oral thrush. It is also known as candida fungus disease. It does not only affect the mouth. It also affects other body parts.  Diaper rashes and vaginal infections in women are also caused by this. Most usually, it is seen among babies, toddlers and elderly people with weak immune system.


       The bacteria that resided in different parts of the body get imbalanced due to stress, medications and illness. As a result, the fungus candida grows out of control and cause thrush. Medications such as corticosteroids, antibiotics, birth control pills etc. cause imbalance the microorganism of the mouth. Medical conditions that cause thrush may include uncontrolled diabetes, HIV infection, dry mouth, pregnancy, cancer etc. Smoking, and wearing dentures that do not fit properly are also at risk of developing oral thrush.

Usually, thrush develops unexpectedly. Diagnosis is done by examining the mouth. The doctor will look for the distinctive white lesions on the tongue, mouth or cheeks. Brushing the lesions away will cause them bleed slightly. The doctor will confirm whether it is oral thrush or not by conducting a microscopic examination. Antifungal medications are usually prescribed to treatment of oral thrush. They are available in liquids, lozenges or tablets. If the infection does not go away with antifungal medication treatments, the dentist will suggest other treatment plans according to your age and cause of infection. The presence of candida infection can also be an indication of other medical conditions. So, it is important to have a thorough check-up and proper treatment.

Oral thrush prevention methods:

  • Practice good oral habits
  • Avoid sprays or mouthwashes
  • Visit dentist regularly
  • Control the amount of food that contain sugar and yeast element in it
  • Quit smoking.

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