Lumbar Herniated Disc Surgery

What is lumbar herniated disc surgey?

Lumbar herniated disc surgery is a treatment for herniated disc problem. Surgery is considered when the herniated disc symptoms get severe. It is suggested when:

  • The leg pain and other symptoms has not improved with a long period of nonsurgical treatment.
  • The patient experience problems such as abnormal sensitivity, weakness and loss of motion.
  • If the doctor thinks herniated disc can be successfully treated with the surgery after carrying out various tests.Then surgery is an option for faster healing.

Who are not considered for herniated disc surgery?

Lumbar herniated disc surgery is not suggested as a treatment for low back pain caused by issues other than herniated disc. If the herniated disc only causes a back pain, surgery may be suggested.

What are the surgical treatment options for lumbar herniated disc?

Different surgical options are there for lumbar herniated discs.

Open or microsurgical discectomy: The surgery is done through a relatively small incision. It requires less amount of soft tissue dissection. Complications and risks are less after the surgery and offer faster recovery.

Chymopapain injection: It is a less invasive surgery which has been started from 1970. the surgery is not available recent days.
Arthroscopic lumbar discectomy: It was introduced as an alternative to chymopapain surgery. The procedure is not suitable for all kinds of herniations.

Microendoscopic surgery: It is comparatively a newer technique which makes use of a tube.

Laser discectomy: Laser lights are used to resolve the herniated disc.

There are varied options of surgical treatments for lumbar herniated disc problem. However, the main goal of any procedure is to remove or repair the herniated portion of the disc.

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