Thoracic Spine

What i s Thoracic Spine ?

The thoracic spine is the area between the top of the lumbar spine and bottom of the neck. In simple words, the area in the upper and middle back of the spine is the thoracic spine. It joins the cervical spine and lumbar spine together. This part of the spine is made of 12 vertebrae. The main function of the thoracic spine is stability. This part of the spine plays an important role in holding the body upright. The vital organs in the chest are protected by the thoracic spine. There are certain special features to the thoracic spine:

  • Flexibility is limited

  • Narrow spinal canal

  • Thinner intervertebral discs

Even though it is a strong part of the spine, thoracic spine pain is very common among most people. Some of the common problems which cause thoracic pain include:

  • Joint dysfunction

  • Kyphosis

  • Vertebral fracture

  • Degenerative or herniated disc

  • Muscular problems

  • Arthritis

  • Scoliosis

In rare cases, this pain can be a symptom of any serious underlying health issues. Apart from orthopedic conditions, this pain can even be caused due to non-orthopedic conditions. Issues like kidney diseases, heart diseases, lung conditions, issues with the abdominal organs etc, can also be a cause for thoracic spine pain.

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