What is Kyphosis?

A normal convex curvature that occur in the sacral and thoracic region of the spine is called kyphosis. In simple terms, a forward rounding of the back is referred to as kyphosis. It can occur at any age. But, it is more prevalent among older women. Severe cases cause pain and other problems in patients.

Kyphosis Diagram

What causes kyphosis?

A variety of problems can cause kyphosis. Some of them are:

What are the signs and symptoms of kyphosis?

Abnormally curved spine is the main sign of kyphosis. It may also cause stiffness and back pain in some patients. If the condition is mild, it may not produce any signs or symptoms.

How is kyphosis diagnosed?

It can be diagnosed during the physical examination. To finalise the diagnosis, the doctor may suggest imaging tests such as:

  • X-rays

  • MRI

  • CT scan

The doctor may also suggest a nerve test for detailed examination.

How is kyphosis treated?

The doctor will determine treatments according to the cause of the condition and signs and symptoms of the condition. Common treatment options include:


Pain relievers and osteoporosis drugs


Physical therapies will help to improve the symptoms and discomforts caused by this condition.


Exercise will help to improve spinal flexibility, whereby relieving the back pain. It also strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Lifestyle changes

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help in improving the overall well-being. Back pain and other symptoms can be controlled by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Wearing a body brace can prevent the further development of kyphosis.

Spinal fusion

Surgery is opted if the condition is very severe. Spinal fusion is the main surgical option to treat severe condition of kyphosis. In this procedure, the surgeon connects two or more vertebrae. Metal rods and screws are used to keep them in position.

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