Osteoporosis Spine

What is osteoporosis of the spine?

A disease, that weakens the bones and makes them exposed to fractures is called osteoporosis. It may affect various joints of the body. Spine osteoporosis is one among them. An osteoporosis spine can affect both men and women equally. However, women are more at risk as they have smaller bones than the men.

What are the symptoms of osteoporosis of the spine?

The condition osteoporosis usually does not show any symptoms. It is a painless condition. However, severe bone damage caused due to osteoporosis can cause pain in the patient. Apart from pain, the fractures may even cause limitation of movement. Immobilisation may further lead to conditioning, which may weaken the bones and muscles. It may even lead to clinical depression. Osteoporosis may go unnoticed until they started to become painful.

What causes osteoporosis of the spine?

Aging is considered to be one of the main causes of osteoporosis of the spine. Certain conditions such as arthritis, that cause bone loss may also trigger osteoporosis in some people. Medications, that lead to bone loss can also be a major cause for osteoporosis of the spine. Following are some of the risk factors which may inculcate osteoporosis of the spine:

  • Smoking

  • Postmenopause

  • Low levels of testosterone

  • A history of bone fracture

  • Excessive alcohol intake

  • A history of inflammatory arthritis

  • Delicate bone structure

How is osteoporosis of the spine diagnosed?

It is important to diagnose the condition before there is a bone fracture. The doctor will first have a thorough physical examination. After that, he/she will recommend other diagnostic procedures like a blood test, X-ray, a bone density evaluation test etc.

How is the condition treated?

If diagnosed earlier, the treatment goal will be to maintain/improve the bone strength. For this, the doctor will suggest a nutritious diet and exercises. Exercises will be suggested according to the overall health of the patient. The doctor may even prescribe medications to treat or improve the condition.

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