Herniated Disc

What is Herniated Disc?

A disc that ruptures is called a herniated disc. It referes to the problem with the discs and the vertebrae. The condition can cause pain and irritate the nearby nerves. It may even cause weakness in the arm or leg and numbness. It may even be asymptomatic.

Herniated disc Diagram

What causes herniated disc?

Usually, herniated disc is considered to be a result of age-related wear and tear. It occurs when the spinal disks lose water content. Less water content makes the disk more flexible and prone to tear and rupture. However, the exact cause of this condition is not determined yet. A traumatic event or a blow to the back can also cause a herniated disk.

What are the symptoms of herniated disc?

As said earlier, herniated disc can be asymptomatic. Only a few experience pain. Usually, the condition affects the lower back and the neck. Some of the common signs and Symptoms of  Herniated Disc include:

  • Weakness

  • Numbness or tingling

  • Leg pain or arm pain

How is herniated disc diagnosed?

The doctor will have a physical examination during the visit. He/she may suggest for imaging tests such as:

  • MRI

  • Myelogram

  • CT and

  • X-rays

Nerve tests such as electromyograms will also be prescribed to locate the nerve damage, if has any.

Herniatedisc Diagram

What are the treatments for herniated disc?

Common treatment options include:

  • Medications

  • Muscle relaxers

  • Cortisone injections

  • Therapies

  • Surgery

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