Sacrum Spine

What is Sacrum Spine ?

Sacrum is the bottom area of the spine. The sacrum spine lies between the coccyx and the fifth segment of the lumbar spine. The sacrum is a triangular-shaped bone with five segments fused together. It is the solid base of the spinal column, which meets the hip bones and forms the pelvis. This strong bone called the sacrum is very strong. Sacrum helps to support the whole weight of the upper body. The five segments of the sacrum are unfused during childhood. They fuse together during early adulthood.

The sacrum has a curved shape, allowing more room in the pelvic region for other organs. The shape of the sacrum will be different in men and women. A sacrum will be longer and narrowed in men. This difference is medically termed as ‘sexual dimorphism’. The sacrum spine has a vital role in giving the ideal hourglass shape to the women’s body. This varied shape also helps women in bearing children. The sacrum has an important role in the functions of nervous, muscular, skeletal and reproductive system of the females. It acts as the keystone of the pelvis. It also protects the spinal nerves in the lower back. The sacrum also helps in forming the pelvic cavity.

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