Shirobasti refers to snehana treatment on the head. Herbal oil is poured into a specially made cap fitted on the head of the patient. Shaving off the head may be necessary in some instances. The selection of the oil is based on the condition of the patient. The herbal oil is retained over the head for 30-50 minutes. Shirobasti is usually performed after abhyanga treatment and done for seven consecutive days to get the required effect.

Beneficiaries of shirobasti

  • Patients with migraine
  • Patients with insomnia
  • Patients with eye diseases like cataract
  • Patients with mental and physical exhaustion
  • Patients with urinary disorders
  • Patients with facial paralysis
  • Patients with excessive sweating problems
  • Patients with head tumors
  • Patients with heart diseases
  • Patients suffering from dry nasal passages
  • Patients suffering from weak digestion
  • Obese patients
  • Patients with excessive sleep


Shirobasti also helps in rejuvenating the whole body, and restore the sheen of the skin..