Kati Basti

If you are suffering from severe lower back pain, Kati Basti is the best option for you. This ayurvedic therapy will help you to soothe your back pain and nourishes it with herbal oils or ghee. After a soft massage on the lower back, special herbal oil is poured over groove in the form of kati (lumber region) and retained inside a dam made out of dough. The hot Ayurvedic oils met lower rigidity and strengthen your bone tissues.

Kati Basti is a good choice for patients suffering from constipation problems, pelvic disease. This treatment helps to improve male potency.

Beneficiaries of Kati Basti

  • Patients with Chronic back pains
  • Patients with spine injuries and disorders
  • Patients with Sciatica
  • Lumbar spondiloza
  • Osteoporosis