Duodenal ulcer

Duodenal ulcer affects the duodenum. The main symptom of duodenal ulcer is chronic pain and it is caused when a patient feels hungry. The pain vanishes when person eat some food. However, in several cases, the pain continues even if the person consumes food. Duodental ulcer also adversely affect the digestion and the person starts losing weight as there is lack of absorption of essential element from the food. The patient may also experience unbearable pain. In a section of the patients, the blood has to pass through the intestine and it may lead to bleeding. A duodenal ulcer patient may find the presence of blood in the stools. However, this symptom is mostly evident in extreme cases and is quite rare.

Symptoms of Duodenal Ulcers

  • Chronic stomach pain
  • Losing weight as the body fails to absorb the food consumed
  • The patient turns too sensitive and irritable due to weak constitution
  • It may also lead to bleeding
  • The stool may appear black due to bleeding
  • The patient may also vomit during the condition.


  • The patient should have sound sleep at nights
  • The patient must take sufficient rest
  • Always maintain a peaceful calm state of mind
  • Never remain on an empty stomach for long


Sukumara Ghrita is Ayurveda’s solution to duodenal ulcer. Sukumara Ghrita includes ghee and castor oil. The patient who suffers from this disease must consume ghee with milk. If the patient is allergic to milk, then the intake of ghee cab be by mixing it in warm water.

To get pain relief, the patient needs to consume the Shankha Bhasma which includes a mixture of conch shell ash which is obtained from seas and oceans, water and lemon juice and Aloe Vera.