Panchakarma can be considered as the soul of the Ayurveda. It is a treatment aimed at purifying and rejuvenating the body which is a basic requirement for the maintenance of good health and treatment of any illness. Deep physical, mental and emotional healing is frequently seen as a result of Panchakarma. This treatment therapy helps the body to eliminate toxic elements that have accumulated over time in the body tissues, as a result of lifestyle choices, environmental pollution and genetic predisposition. Deep physical, mental and emotional healing is frequently seen as a result of Pancha Karma. The proponents of Aurveda suggest taking panchakarma three times per year for optimum cleansing and rejuvenation. However, the modern day busy life allow people only have time to receive it only once per year. With every year it is definitely possible to grow younger and healthier, rather than older and diseased.


Uses of Panchakarma

  • For maintaining a healthy life
  • For body purification and mind concentration
  • It helps you to reduce your weight
  • It helps you to decrease your cholesterol
  • It helps you to stay in good mental health


Panchakarma consists of five basic cleaning procedures called shodhanas:


  • Vamana-  therapeutic vomiting or nemesis
  • Virechan: purgation
  • Raktamoksham: detoxification of the blood
  • Basti: enema
  • Nasya: elimination of the toxins through the nose

In addition to these procedures, there are several supportive treatments to panchakarma and their own special benefits. These are

  • Kati dharna and shirobasti
  • Tarpan