Post Coital Test

Post coital test is the test performed to evaluate the interaction of the sperm and the cervical mucus. This test is also called Sims test or Huhner test. The quality of the mucus, count of the semen and semen motility are analyzed in this test. It evaluates the ability of the sperm to reach the cervical canal and survive in the mucus. Cervical mucus in normal state is watery and slippery which facilitate the penetration and easy journey of sperm into the uterus. This test is done in women who are facing difficulty to become pregnant.



  • Post coital test must be conducted at the time or just before the ovulation.
  • This test is done about after 4-8 hours having sexual intercourse.
  • Do not use lubricants during sex. Do not douche or take bath after sex.
  • The increased number of motile sperm in the mucus enhances your chance of getting pregnant.



Vagina is spread using a speculum to facilitate easy examination of the cervix and vaginal wall. It is a painless procedure and takes only a few seconds to collect mucus sample. Mucus sample is collected from the cervical canal and collected sample is then transferred onto a glass slide. Then the sample is examined under microscope to check its quality and the count and motility of sperms present in it.


Normal results
A post coital test is considered normal if the motility and amount of motile sperms is normal in the mucus. The mucus would be stretchy and watery in normal cases.

The chance of your conception is greater if the population of the sperm in the mucus is higher.

Negative results

A post coital test is said negative if the number of dead sperm is more in the mucus. The mucus will be thick, dense or sticky in such cases. A negative post coital test does not mean that the conception is not possible.

A negative post-coital test may happen due to:

  • Improper timing of the test
  • Altered ovulation period
  • Presence of antibodies obstructing the progressive movement of the sperm.


Test should be repeated once more if the result of the first test is negative. This test done in presence of cervical infection is useless.

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