Basal Body Temperature Charting

Basal body temperature is the temperature attained by your body when you are at rest. Basal body temperature charting is one of the most common methods of improving fertility of couples. It can also be used as a method of contraception. Ovulation can cause a slight increase in your basal body temperature.

If you wish to become pregnant, you can decide the best days to have sex based on your basal body temperature. It is also using as a birth control method. By knowing BBT, sexual intercourse can be avoided during the fertile days.

BBT can also be used to detect pregnancy. If there is a rise in your BBT after ovulation which lasts for about 18 days or above, it can be considered as an early indication of pregnancy.



It does not carry any direct risks. But there are many factors that can influence or alter your basal body temperature.

  • Diseases
  • Interrupted sleeping
  • Stressful or shift jobs
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Travelling
  • Gynecologic disorders
  • Certain medicines

It is also possible to occurring ovulation without a noted rise in basal body temperature. That means ovulation has an unpredictable and fluctuating nature too.


Measuring basal body temperature does not need any special preparation. Inform your doctor and seek advices if you recently gave birth to a child or stopped using contraceptive techniques or pills. If you are closer to your menopause or breast-feeding, consult your doctor before BBT measurement.


  • It is very less expensive
  • Anyone can do BBT charting who know to take temperature readings.
  • BBT charting produces only a short-term effect. It ensures the opportunity of couples to have a child after thinking about contraception.


  • Comparatively less effective and reliable than other methods
  • Requires more attention
  • No protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It may require use of condoms


  • Take your basal body temperature every morning before doing any activity or getting out of bed. At least six hours of consecutive and uninterrupted sleep is necessary for getting accurate readings. The readings can be taken as normal way of measuring temperature, orally, vaginally or rectally. But always follow same way of taking reading in order to get more reliable results.
  • Record your daily BBT readings on a graph paper. Your BBT is lower before ovulation because of the presence of hormone estrogen. During the first two weeks of the menstrual cycle, BBT will be between 97.0 to 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit in normal condition. A sudden rise of temperature of at least 0.4 degree can occur immediately following the ovulation. This rise in the temperature is your indicator of ovulation.

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