Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapies are used to treat various cancer types. In this procedure, the growth and spread of cancer are blocked using certain drugs or other substances. Targeted therapy is also known by different names such as “molecular targeted therapies”, “precision medicines”, or “molecularly targeted therapies”. Targeted therapy is different from that of the standard chemotherapy. There are various types of targeted therapies available:

  • Gene expression modulators

  • Signal transduction inhibitors

  • Hormone therapies

  • Angiogenesis inhibitors

  • Apoptosis inducers

  • Immunotherapies

To determine whether the patient is suitable for a targeted therapy or not, he/she must be first tested see for the target. If no appropriate target is present in the patient, he/she might not be suitable for a targeted therapy. Sometimes, the patient may need to meet certain criteria to have targeted therapy. The criteria will be set by the FDA.

When compared to the standard chemotherapy, targeted therapy has less side effects. Because, the targeted therapy specifically looks up for cancer cells, and cause no harm to the healthy cells. In the case of lung cancer, mainly there are two types of targeted drugs are used- Tarceva and Iressa. They are taken in pill form. Targeted therapy can be used alone, or in combination with other cancer treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy.