Treatments for snoring

Snoring is an ugly disease that disturbs the sleep of affected person and the persons who are sleeping near to that person. Most important reason for snoring is the blockage in the nostrils which may be caused by many reasons. Changing sleeping habits and maintaining a better sleep hygiene can be helpful in reducing the snoring habit. But there are other methods also which include medication and surgical removal of the blockage in the nose. Before going to the medications and surgical options let us take a look at what one can do himself to  reduce the snoring and its symptoms felt by him.

1)      Changing your sleeping position: Sleeping on your back can obstruction to the smooth flow of air as in this position you the soft palate and tongue collapses to the back of the throat. This can cause a vibrating sound during your sleep. If you change your sleeping position to side position, it can help you to avoid snoring caused by sleeping position.

2)      Reduce weight: Overweight can thicken the neck tissues of a person. Thickened neck tissues can reduce the air passage and cause blockage to the air flow. So reducing of body weight will reduce the enhanced thickness of neck tissues and make the air passage without any blockage. This will help to stop snoring caused due to overweight.

3)      Stop alcoholism: It has been found that drinking of alcohol or consumption of other sedatives cause snoring in every person. So non consumption alcohol can put an end to snoring caused due to the consumption of alcohol.

4)      Practice sleep hygiene: Sleep hygiene like sleeping at a pre fixed time for a fixed period of time can give you good and sound sleep without any snoring. People who work hard and sleep late after very tiresome work have been found to snore heavily as the muscles becomes floppier after strenuous work.

5)      Clear nasal passages: If your nose is clogged or blocked due to the accumulation of the mucous this can be a cause for snoring. Clear the nose by steaming or using some sprays can help you to prevent snoring.

6)      Change your pillows: Allergens in your pillow and bedroom can be a cause for the snoring that you are experiencing. So changing the pillows and cleaning your room with disinfectants can cause you great relief and save you from the curse of snoring.

7)      Drink more water: Dehydration can be a cause for the solidification of the nasal secretions.  So if you drink plenty of water this type of snoring can be avoided.

If you still snore after practicing all the above home techniques, then you have to see a medical practitioner. He will understand your real problem and give you necessary antibiotics and nasal sprays which can be tried out to find a solution to your snoring problem. If medications are not giving the required results, then surgical removal of the nasal polyps or shortening of the adenoid is the only solution.