World Disability Day

Value the abilities of Disabled on this special day – Dec 3rd

Why the world is celebrating disability day?

World disability day otherwise known as International day of people with Disability is a day that has been fostered by United Nations since 1992. The point is to inspire with confidence an understanding of people affected by disability together by making aware of their basic rights, dignity and goodness of disabled persons . Thus boosts them to better understand the awareness of raising their life in every facet of life from political to economic to cultural and social. This day is not centred either to physical or mental disabilities but to all well known disabilities like multiple sclerosis to down syndrome.


How the world is celebrating this day?

Ever since its inception in 1992 this day is celebrated with variety of events in multiple countries. This day is used for conducting forums, holding discussions and campaings in favor to the persons with disability to show them that they are not different from other walks of life. These types of campaigns and events are proved to be the venue for exhibiting their talents and show that they can still do some thing irrespective of their disability. This will boost their self esteem and helps to overcome depression, anxiety and discrimination.
Each year the day is celebrated with some emphasis on themes for example : the theme was “Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities” and in the year 2013 the theme was “Break Barriers, Open Doors: for an inclusive society and development for all” – a remembrance to all to help people with disability to live in a  comprehensive society in all countries.

Year 2014 theme is a call to induction of disabled persons in all developmental projects. The UN acknowledges while declaring this theme is that in order to full fill the developmental targets it is very important to  consider how disabled persons can be more fully united into society. In India also, 3 December has come to mark a day to observe and plan goals for the future that would make sure a fair and inclusive society.

Several state governemts are proposing 10 point demand to the government to moot the process  of execution of Disability Act, 1995