World Aids Day Recollection

You wont get AIDS from a hug or handshake or having a meal with a friend..No one should die of unawareness.

December 1st world aids day is a reminder for people worldwide to join the fight against HIV and show the aid for people living with HIV. It was the first ever global health day and was initially held in 1988.

As per the National AIDS control organization of India the popularity of AIDS in India is downed to 0.27 in 2013 from 0.41 in 2002. The last decade has seen a sharp 50% decline in the math of new HIV infections. According to latest studies the reduction in the infection case is reduced to 57 percent.

World Aids Day

Aids popularity rate in India is lower than that of other countries like South Africa and Nigeria having more. Thanks to the anti-aids awareness program that restrict the spread of the dreaded disease in India. India has received the support from UNAIDS after setting up the National AIDS Control plan 111 of worth US$2.5 billion. The major factors that have been the reasons for large HIV infected population are huge labor migration and less literacy levels in certain rural areas.

Affected groups in India.

As per the latest studies the prevalence of HIV among affected groups like sex workers, homosexual workers has experienced a recent decline.

Though the transgender group is raising concern over high risk of HIV transmission. But in certain parts of country the truck drivers, migrants and long distance truck drivers continue to act bridge populations between certain groups and general population fueling the HIV epidemic.

The National AIDS control organization is the body responsible for devising policies and executing programs for the prevention and control of HIV epidemic in India.

The program of NACO (2012 to 2017) is intended to minimize annual new HIV infections by 50 percent through inclusive treatment, education, care and support for the general population and those at of HIV virus transmission.

What can I do on this World AIDS Day?

This day is an opportunity for every one of us (who are reading this blog now) to learn the facts of HIV and put that knowledge into action by spreading through social medias and other means of communication. Educate the mass through preparing a quiz event in social medias on how HIV is transmitted, how it can be prevented and the reality on living with HIV. With this kind of knowledge you can take care of your health and others too. Most importantly you can teach others to treat every one living with HIV fairly.

You can also extend your support to HIV affected people by wearing the red ribbon – the international symbol of HIV awareness and support.