Terms and Conditions for Use of Services, Concepts or Subscriptions

Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd -Terms and Conditions for Use of Services, Concepts or Subscriptions
The following demonstrates terms and conditions of use (here-in-after referred to as an “Agreement”), applicable to your use of
medeguru.com (hereinafter referred to as “web site”), or any other services which helps patients and health care facility contact and
connect with each other globally by offering patient educations and promotional services to doctors/clinics/hospitals. It is an agreement
between you as the user(s) of the web site or client(s) of various services, concepts and subscriptions of Medeguru the “User(s)”) and Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “T2H”).Before you subscribe to any of our services and/or begin participating in or using web site, T2H believes that user(s) have fully read, understood and accept the agreement. If you do not agree to or wish to be
bound by agreement, you may not access the website or otherwise avail any of our services or use the web site.
Web site acts as a mere venue/platform for our members to negotiate/interact for appointments, reviews, second opinion,
treatment plans, cost estimates and other services by way of locating health care facility to avail treatment. We do not take part in the
actual transaction that takes place between the patients and healthcare provider and hence are not a party to any contract for
treatment decided upon between patient and healthcare facility.
All transactions will be the responsibility of the members only. This
agreement shall not be deemed to create any partnership, joint venture, or other joint business relationship between T2H and other party.
T2H may change, modify, amend, or update this agreement from time to time without any prior notification to user(s) and the amended
and restated terms and conditions of use shall be effective immediately on posting. If you do not adhere to the changes, you must stop
using the service. Your continuous use of the service will signify your acceptance of the changed terms.
Terms and condition of use agreement and/ or Agreement, Privacy Policy shall be governed in all respect by the laws of Indian Territory.
T2H considers itself and intended to be subject to the jurisdiction only of the Courts of Thrissur,Kerala, India. The parties to this Agreement
hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thrissur,Kerala, India. Any disputes arising out of this agreement to be settled in
the courts of Thrissur, Kerala, India
The content/pictures/material displayed on the website developed on your behalf is provided or developed by third parties. The clients can review and edit their content so as to ensure any violation of copy rights and intellectual property. The sole responsibility of content and pictures to be used on your website is with the user or the client. The client/user(s) may need to register and/or pay additional for these services if any. T2H in such case is not the author. The content here is contributed by anonymous, registered or paid user(s). Neither T2H nor any of its affiliates, directors, officers or employees has entered into sale agency relationship with such third party by virtue of our display of the Third Party Content on the website. Any Third Party content/pictures or any material for that matter is the sole responsibility of the party who on whose behalf the content was published. T2H is not responsible for the accuracy, propriety, lawfulness or truthfulness of any Third Party content, and shall not be liable to any user(s) in connection with his/her reliance on such Third Party content. In addition, T2H is not
responsible for the conduct of user(s) activities on the web site, and shall not be liable to any person in connection with any damage suffered by any person as a result of any such user’s conduct.
All communication in regards to availing of services, approvals, request for changes/ modifications/ additions and payments to be made
only through emails. Only email communication would be considered as valid.
Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd does not guarantee quality of any of the website it develops and provision of uninterrupted service. The
company also does not guarantee that the information provided is this site is reliable and accurate. Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd is not
responsible for any sort of special, consequential, incidental, and exemplary or punitive damages, or loss of profit or revenues.
Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd is also not responsible for any kind of difficulty in accessing the website.The company does not take any
responsibility for any sort of damage resulting from products, services and/or information offered or provided by third-party vendors
accessed through the website or by any other means. All Products, services and materials in the website relating to merchantability,
technical compatibility or fitness for a particular purpose are provided without warranty.
Refunds of any kind are NOT provided under any circumstances. Anvita Tours2Health is not responsible for any kind of refund requests and hence these requests are of no legal importance. We do not refund any money paid to us unless under very special circumstances. This is done only at the whole discretion of the management of “Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd”.Kindly make the choice to use our services
adequately and aptly.
The registered members & users hereby agree to indemnify, defend and protect Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd, its employees, agents, and any third party information providers to the Website, from and against all claims, actions, proceedings, expenses, damages and liabilities..