An inflammation of the larynx is called laryngitis. Usually, laryngitis does not require any treatment. It may improve in a week without any treatment. Some of the common symptoms of laryngitis include:

  • Loss of voice

  • Sore throat

  • Hoarseness

As the condition improves on its own, the patient needs not to visit the doctor unless the condition is very severe. A viral infection such as cold is the main cause of laryngitis. An acute laryngitis will improve its symptoms within a week. In certain cases, laryngitis may be caused due to other causes such as overuse of alcohol, allergic reaction, or smoking. Laryngitis caused due to these conditions can be called as chronic laryngitis.

In most cases, laryngitis does not require any treatment. Taking a bit of care help improve the condition better. Stopping smoking and avoiding smoking environment etc, will help to fasten the healing of vocal cords. It is important to drink plenty of water and test to the voice while affected with laryngitis. If the condition is chronic, treating the underlying condition will also be helpful. In such cases, medications will be useful. Preventing laryngitis is not always possible. To reduce the chance for developing the condition, you can avoid smoking and straining the voice.