Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

 India has become a medical tourism hotspot, being one of the top countries offering world-class medical facilities at an affordable cost. Cost-effective care is the main reason why people across the globe choose India for their medical concerns, especially for cosmetic care. Reliable studies points that, the cost of surgeries here is one-tenth of what is it in western countries. Apart from offering the low-cost care, India has proficient doctors and state-of-the-art facilitated clinics and hospitals. The staff and doctors have multi-language skills which make foreigners trip to beauty easier.

The field of cosmetic surgery is developing day by day with new advancements and technological interventions. The cosmetic surgery tourism is growing at a range of 20-30% annually. One of the main advantage of cosmetic surgery care in India is that, the number of complications after the surgery is very less. Various procedures at a low-cost can be done while a pleasure trip to India. India is a cultural blend of different kinds of people who speak varieties of languages and who preach different religious ideologies. Various studies state that, breast augmentation, body contouring, facial procedures etc. are some of the favorites for which people from various parts of the world fly towards India.

Top 5 hotspots for cosmetic surgery in India

  • Noida
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Lucknow

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