Emotional Effects of Infertility

Infertility is a term that everyone are familiar with. Most of the Emotional-Effects-Of-Infertpeople still get embarrassed when they hear the term. Even though there are numerous treatments and medications available as solutions people find it hard to cope with infertility. Researchers compare the mental stress of a woman experiencing infertility to that of a woman who is having diseases like HIV, cancer etc. Some people might tell that the anxiety is the reason that causes infertility. This is a wrong concept that will definitely make things go worse. Studies have found that anxiety cannot cause infertility.Emotional effects of infertility are main reson.

Infertility might bring overwhelming emotions in a person’s life. You might be in a state of mixed emotions. You may have the feeling of loss, anger, jealousy, denial, shame and sometimes you may loose control of yourself. These are very common feelings that might trap you when you get to know about your infertility issue. This might even damage your personal and social relationships. Especially in marital relationships, it might make a huge effect. Studies say that couples dealing with infertility are more likely to lead an unhappy life. They might experience mental stress due to the social and personal impacts of the issue.

Every family will have the dream of having a child at some point of their life. If the woman is not able to conceive even after having regular unprotected intercourse, it can be referred to as infertility. Most of the time it is misunderstood and women are cursed for being infertile. But, men can also be the cause for the issue. Infertility can so be defined as a biological inability of an individual to contribute to conception. Infertility is one of the most mistaken concept in the society. Even though the society has developed a lot, the traditional concept of conception and motherhood still remains the same.


Women always face more difficulties than women in the society. Most of the people tend to point on the woman partner in the family for not giving birth to a child. They are always being criticized. In a relationship, women themselves are seen to be the emotional caretakers. They themselves take responsibility for everyone’s bad feelings towards them for being infertile. They also try to protect their husbands from the pain and stress. The main issue what makes women more stressed is their strong desire of being a mother. For most of the women, ‘motherhood’ is a dream.

It doesn’t mean that men are not affected by the issue. Both the couples might have to suffer a lot due to the misconception of infertility by the society. It high time the people should get corrected the concept of ‘infertility-the curse’. Infertility is a biological issue that can be get cured with treatment. Blaming any individual for being infertile is really futile.