Heart Surgery on Foetus : The first-of-its-kind in India

Maiden Heart Surgery on Foetus in Hyderabad , India

A group of 12 doctors from hyderabad have successfully performed a heart surgery on foetus, the first-of-its-kind surgery in India which gives the country a new great reason to celebrate on world foetus day.The heart surgery was performed on foetus to rectify a major problem which reportedly is incurable once the baby was born.The surgery was done at a hospital in Hyderabad.

The patient was a 25 year old woman , says she was so happy , relieved and grateful to all the doctors and staffs at the hospital as they were very tensed when they heard that their baby had heart issues.The doctors at the hospital gave an overview the patient and her husband about what all are the surgical procedures they are going to perform. The patient decided to go ahead with the surgery as there was not much options left other than the one explained.

foetal aortal volvotomy India

Paediatric cardiac surgeon about Foetal Aortal Volvotomy

The paediatric cardiac surgeon who performed the surgery said – “ at the start of seventh month (25 – 26 weeks) ,  we diagnosed that the left ventricle of the foetus was deteriorating and shrinking.This can cause the left side of the heart to be small and useless.We were sure about the fact that surgery cannot be done after the baby is born , then the only solution in front of us was to go for a surgical procedure called foetal aortal volvotomy.

The first attempt was on the start of 7th month but it failed as the postion of the baby was not correct and we were not able to locate the foetus.In the next week , we decided to have anaesthesia to the patient so that there wont be any fetal movemnt when the surgical procedure is carried out.An imported needle was inserted into patient’s abdomen to the uterus , chest of the baby and into the left ventricle. The balloon and wire was used to dilate the heart valve which was blocked.After 2 weeks later , the weight of the baby has grown from 830 gm to 1200 gm and the heart pumping was normal and there was no leakage in blood along with that there was an improvement in growth and heart performance”. The doctor also said that from block block has reduced from 99 % to 60 % block. In some cases the problem may recur and the surgical procedure need to be repeated.

As of now the patient and her husband are happy that they became a part of the new era of medicine and are eagerly waiting to welcome  a normal and healthy baby in to theirs arms at the earliest.