Endodontics is that branch of dentistry which is concerned about the roots of teeth and the soft matter inside the root. ‘Endo’ means inside and ‘dont’ means teeth. So the word endodontics means inside the teeth. After graduating as a dentist, several years study has to be completed to get a master’s degree in endodontics. Most often endodontists spend their time in doing complicated root canal surgeries. Top layer of teeth consists of a layer of protection called enamel under which there is a hard layer called dentin. Inside the dentin there is a soft tissue called pulp. The pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues.

Due to decay of the teeth which may occur as a result of poor dental hygiene, the pulp inside the dentin may get inflamed of infected. Repeated dental procedures, faulty crown, trauma, chip or crack in the tooth, etc can also cause inflammation and infection of the pulp. Endodontists carefully remove the infected pulp from root canal. While removing the pulp they clean the root canal and disinfect it. After this a rubber like material called gutta-percha is filled into the area from where the infected pulp was removed and the teeth is covered by a crown.

Root Canal Filling

Root canal filling is the most popular and common surgery done by endodontists in large numbers. Root canal treatment helps to relieve the severe pain and difficulty faced by the patients completely. If only one tooth is having root canal problem, it can be very easily solved by a root canal procedure. But if more than one tooth is damaged a complicated root canal surgery will have to be done. Infection or death of the pulp is a very painful and difficult problem and hence all patients have to be more careful about the root canal problem of the teeth.

Due to the increase in number of patients coming for root canal surgery, endodontists are very busy and for seeing them for the first time it will be very difficult to get an appointment. So it is better that you get acquainted with an endodontists and continue his medication so that when you have any root canal problems you can meet him very easily because you are already his patient.  Due to the increased number of patients, the endodontists now cleans the infected teeth and fills the gap with a temporary filling. The fixing of crown on the filled up root are now usually done by ordinary dentists.

Endodontics Surgeries

Endodontics surgeries  are usually conducted to locate hidden canals that are not detected in X-rays, or to remove calcium deposits in the root canals, or to treat damaged root surfaces or to for treating the bones underneath the gum. Apicoectomy is surgical procedure usually carried out when infection or inflammation is found on the bony area around the teeth. In this surgery the gum tissue is opened and any inflamed or infected tissue in the underlying bone is removed. Some filling material will be placed at root end of the teeth and sutures or stitches are done to fasten the healing process. Local anesthesia and pain relievers make the procedure very easier and the patients will be able return to their activities on the next day itself.