Reduction Mammoplasty

With time, some changes are noticed in a woman’s breast. The breast starts to lose the youthful shape and firmness. Some of the common reasons stated for skin elasticity loss are pregnancy, fluctuations in weight, gravity, breastfeeding, aging, or heredity. Iatrogenic conditions such as post-mastectomy and post-lumpectomy asymmetry also contribute to loss of skin elasticity. Several health and emotional problems such as back pain, neck pain, or other such physical symptoms, occur due to disproportionately large breasts. Secondary health problems such as impaired breathing and poor blood circulation result from oversized bust. The weight of the excess breast tissue can decrease a woman’s ability to lead a happy life. Overdeveloped adipose fat consequently leads to Macromastia. Medical therapy does not help to correct breast hypertrophy (gigantomastia and macromastia). In addition to the physical discomfort and pain associated with the large breasts, the self-consciousness and emotional discomfort experienced by the woman is also an important issue. Of all plastic surgery procedures, quickest body-image changes are observed only in breast reduction method.

The physical symptoms and discomfort related with abnormally enlarged breasts are properly resolved with breast reduction surgery procedure. The procedure mainly involve removing the fat, glandular tissue and skin in the breasts that makes them look larger. The main goal of the procedure called, breast surgery is to reduce the sixe of the breasts and boost the confidence level of the patients. The procedure is mainly considered for cosmetic improvement. But, it can also give relief from the physical problems evoked by larger breasts.

The Procedure: There are quite a lot of techniques available nowadays. The most common surgical procedure is carried out by making an incision around the areola. The darker skin that surrounds the nipple is called the areola. The doctor will remove the excess fat, skin and the glandular tissue and move the areola and nipple to the new positions. After that, the doctor will reshape the breasts and it contours. 2-4 hours is the duration of the procedure. The time and procedure techniques may vary accordingly.

After the surgery: There can be swelling and bruising for a few weeks. The breasts may take few weeks of time to settle into the new shape. The patient may experience pain for a couple of weeks after the surgery. It may take around 2 weeks to return to normal work.

Risks, complications and side effects: Minor risks and complications are very common with any surgery. Most common risks include infection, bleeding and anesthetic complications. Sores around the nipples and scars are other possible risks associated with breast reduction surgery. This can be reduced with proper management.

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