Over time, breast starts to lose their shape and firmness. The reasons for this change include weight reduction, pregnancy, and breast feeding. Loss of skin elasticity along with volume loss causes drooping. Another name for drooping or sagging is breast ptosis. In many people, changes in the position of areola and nipple are also noticed. Mastopexy/breast lift is defined as a mammoplasty procedure which is used to correct the size, shape, and elevation of the drooping breasts upon the chest. They are also helpful in providing an aesthetic natural look to the breast by re-positioning it. A group of elective surgical operations are designed within the breast lift surgery for improving the breast appearance. This cosmetic surgery deals with the removal of excessive adipose and skin tissue from the breast, extended suspensory ligaments, and transpose of the nipple-areola complex over the breast hemisphere. During the procedure, the critical consideration should be given to the tissue viability of the nipple-areola complex. This helps to ensure the functional sensitivity of the breast for lactation and breast-feeding purposes. The surgery aims to improve the breast shape with minimal visible scars. A breast lift also tends to minimize the size of the enlarged areolas.

The usual candidates for the breast lift surgery are those women who feel to be unhappy with their sagging and drooping breasts. Although mastopexy does not depend upon the age factor, but breast lift surgeons usually suggest patients to wait until the development of the breast is complete. Looking into the significant and unpredictable effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding over the breast size and shape, some recommend to undergo surgery after having kids. The best candidates for a breast lift surgery are the non-smokers, who maintain a stable weight and good health.

Several factors such as the amount of breast sag, breast volume, and the quantum of loose skin, play an important role in deciding the type of procedure. Removal of excessive skin around the areola region and use of implants are best used to address the minimal breast sag with the volume loss. This results in minimal scars which are also hidden. A more invasive procedure involving relocation of nipple areola complex, breast tissue, and excess skin removal, are required to deal with moderate and severe breast ptosis. Severe breast tissue ptosis which shows excess skin in the extensions of the breast can be corrected only with the removal of excess skin. However, a visible scar is left behind as a result. Significant changes in the breast size or upper breast position are not offered in breast lift surgery. For this reason, breast mastopexy is usually performed in association with a breast augmentation or boob jobs. In surgical practice, within a combined mastopexy–breast implant augmentation procedure, mastopexy can be performed both as a discrete breast-lift procedure and as a subordinate surgery; reduction mammoplasty includes breast lift surgical procedures, over-sized breasts correction. In some women, breast implant is done at the same time as the breast lift surgery. Loss of volume is replaced with these implants. The procedure which makes use of implants is commonly known as a Breast enhancement or augmentation Surgery. Several breast plastic surgery techniques are used to achieve breast reconstruction. They attempt to restore breast to a near normal shape. In addition, for the opposite breast, a breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation may be recommended. This helps to improve the symmetry of the size and position of both the breasts.

As every individual has a different body so it is difficult to predict the results completely. An excellent sense of a plastic surgeons’s skill and experience is obtained by observing the breast photos taken prior and post breast lift. Breast reduction involves a number of factors to be looked upon such as natural breast size, size of minimally visible scar, nipple location, degree of reduction and symmetry of the breast.

In most cases, people can recover to non-strenuous work after 10 days.

On case-by-case basis, the cost of breast uplift procedures vary. The procedure complexity, your surgeon’s qualifications, skills, and reputation, and the geographical office area, are some of the factors causing variations in the cost of breast lift. The total cost of breast lift or mastopexy includes your surgeon’s fee, facility fees, lab fees, anesthesia fees and medications. There is a great distinction in the cost of breast lift because a wide range of procedures are itself encompassed in this procedure. These procedures are performed to different extents and also includes breast implant prices. The cost of breast lift performed without breast implants is less in comparison to the one using implants. Prior to the surgery, you can have a clear discussion with your doctor on the type of implant been used for the surgery, the cost as well as the advantages. The cost also depends upon whether the procedure is done in association with a breast augmentation.

The commonly witnessed risks of the surgery are hematoma or excessive bleeding and in infection which may result in delayed incision healing. Also visible scars are noticed. Delay in healing is usually seen in individual’s with smoking habit and diabetes. With time, the lumpiness after surgery starts to soften. For a few months, Increase or decrease in nipple sensation is rarely observed and it improves when breast swelling reduces. Other possibly noticed risks include tissue death causing skin loss, anesthesia risks, persistent swelling, blood clots, asymmetry, discoloration in skin, unsatisfactory aesthetic results, or recurrent sagging or looseness of skin.

How to lift the breast without surgery:

  • To keep your bust line from sagging, it is advised to wear a support on a regular basis.

  • Give a try to massaging treatments. Waste from the tissues can be removed by using non-erotic breast massage. It also helps to enhance the breast shape and blood flow.

  • Many creams help to create natural breast lift by providing temporarily firm and tighten skin.

  • The bust line can be firmed up along with the removal of sagging by using moderate pectoral exercises.

  • A non-invasive type of treatment called Laser treatment, is helpful in tightening the skin around the chest area, pulling the breast in the upward direction. 

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