Breast Implant Replacement (Removal)

Nowadays, breast implants are majorly in use. However, it is impossible for breast implants to remain in perfect condition forever. One type of re-operation includes implant removal, may be with or without replacement. Some women receive breast implants during the augmentation procedure. In such patients, it is recommended to get the implants removed within a period of 8 to 10 years. The attractive and beautiful appearance that women have enjoyed for a long time can be well-maintained with the help of breast revision surgery.

Several reasons contribute to the need for breast replacement surgery. The reasons include too high or low rippled breast, artificially looking breast, and breast size enlargement. The goals or desires of a woman may often change during their lifetime. At times it is noticed that women who had larger implants placed at a younger stage, now desires to have a smaller but more youth appealing breasts. Based on the previous incision and implant plane, it is possible to remove, replace and lift the breast in the same surgery. Sometimes, two stages are preferred to carry out this procedure. In some women who have had breast implants many years ago, a scarring or fibrosis called capsular contraction, is seen to develop around their breast implants. These capsular contraction can be easily removed depending upon the implant plane and/or breast tissue thickness. The implants are usually removed during breast replacement and lifting process. If such a condition occurs in a saline breast implant, then saline leakage is observed. However, if a silicone gel-filled implant gets ruptured, the gel either remains in the shell itself or in the scar tissue surrounding the implant. Removal of both saline-filled and silicone gel-filled ruptured implant is recommended by the FDA. Since the first process involves the creation of pocket for placing implants, so re-augmentation becomes a simple procedure. Rarely some severe complications such as bleeding, loss of nipple sensation, and scarring are noticed.

In post-operative period of breast lift surgery and implant replacement surgery, women may experience a little pain. However, within few days, the women can return back to her daily work routine. After surgery, some women do not choose to have their implants get replaced. Such women may suffer from cosmetically undesirable puckering, dimpling, or sagging of natural breasts. IT is desired to expect some form of swelling and irregularities after breast implant removal. It is noticed that possible complications and side-effects of the surgery are similar to the breast enlargement procedure. 

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