Breast Augmentation

The defects of a woman’s breast can be corrected using Breast augmentation technique. The technique involves breast implant and fat-graft mammoplasty procedures. The breast augmentation technique aims to aesthetically enhance the natural look, size, and feel of the bust. The decision to undergo a breast augmentation plastic surgery is extremely personal. All aspects of the surgery, which include the benefits and the potential complications or risks of the breast implant, should be taken into the patient’s concern before taking a decision. A severely drooping breast cannot be corrected alone with breast augmentation procedures. The treatment requires a breast lift procedure associated with the breast augmentation. An easy and comfortable surgical experience for the patients is the main goal of the expert breast augmentation surgeons and the entire staff.

Breast augmentation comprises of several approaches. Each approach in the augmentation procedure tends to correct the post-mastectomy defects in a breast reconstruction procedure along with congenital defects or abnormalities of the chest wall. Different types of breast implants are used in the breast implant surgery approach to affect breast augmentations. The three different categories of breast implant are described below:

  1. saline implants enclosed with sterile saline solution

  2. silicone implants enclosed with viscous silicone gel

  3. alternative-composition implants, enclosed with miscellaneous fillers such as polypropylene string, soy oil, etc.

The saline breast implants are well-known to provide excellent outcomes of breast size, contour, and feel, when compared with silicone-implants. However, saline implants are suggested to cause various cosmetic problems such as wrinkling, rippling, which are easily noticeable to the eye and touch. A woman’s desire to achieve fuller breasts is completely fulfilled with breast augmentation treatment. The procedure helps in restoring the lost breast volume after pregnancy or sufficient weight loss. The principle infant-health concerns such as digestive contamination and systemic toxicity are mainly caused by the leakage of the breast implant filler to the breast milk. These health disorders are highly dangerous to the nursing infant. The commonly used breast augmentation device fillers are biologically inert, silicone filler is indigestible  and the saline filler is salt water. These are commonly used because they are environment-friendly and chemically inert. The breast implants allow a woman to breast-feed her infant. However, in some cases, functional breast-feeding difficulties are produced by the breast implant devices. Breast implant devices find a major use in breast cancer victims, after mastectomy, for reconstructive purposes. In women with asymmetrical breasts, the difference in breast size can be balanced by using a single breast implant. Choosing the right size of the new breast implant is an important decision as well as a stressful job. However, many women find this part of the breast augmentation procedure to be the most exciting part. Surgeon plays a vital role in helping the patient decide the correct implant size. Existing breast tissue is properly evaluated by the plastic surgeon to determine if it has enough tissue required to accommodate the desired size of the breast implant. The appearance of the implants is not as large as the natural breasts. The risk or complications in the breast augmentation enhance with larger size implants.

The breast augmentation procedure is affected by the fat-transfer approach. The approach helps to correct the breast hemisphere defects with grafts of autologous adipocyte fat tissue. Breast augmentation involving fat transfer is suggested to be a safe and effective process. Lipotransfer breast augmentation is the other name for fat transfer breast augmentation. This technique is regarded as the best option for enhancing breast size without the use of breast implants. In fat-transfer approach, according to the size, fat is removed from the waist or thighs. The fat transfer to breast has many advantages as compared to use of implants. Fat being a normal body part, requires only minimal incisions. This helps to reduce the possible scarring at the exposed part. The fat grafting to the breast provides a natural appearance. The breast augmentation procedure with fat transfer is cost-effective compared to implants. However, duration for breast augmentation using LipoStructure technique is more than in traditional methods. Being fragile, the harvesting of fat should be done slowly and gently. It is important to provide significant space and survival chance to the fat.

Commonly seen patients for breast augmentation are the young women. These women are usually seen to suffer from psychological distress about their body and personal appearance. Proper consultation with the breast implant doctor is needed for woman of child-bearing age, who are seeking breast augmentation surgery. This is to ensure that least damage will occur to the lactiferous ducts from the implantation procedure.

Long-lasting results of the breast augmentation surgery are usually observed. Being an elective surgery, the cost of the breast augmentation surgery is a prime consideration for the patients. Based on the experience of the breast implant surgeon, the price for breast augmentation may vary. Type and cost of breast implants used as well as the geographic office location are some other factors affecting the treatment cost. The cost in whole includes Surgeon’s fee, surgical amenities or hospital fee, anesthesia costs, average breast implant cost, prescriptions for medications, medical tests and post-surgical garments. There exists cheap breast implants and cheap breast augmentation surgery, but clinical services is also an important aspect.

The problems seen to occur after breast augmentation include allergic anesthesia reaction, fluid accumulation, post-operative bleeding or hematoma, and wound infection. There are also some risks directly linked with breast augmentation. They are altered sensation, breast pain, scars, nipple changes or implant leakage or rupture, breast tissue thinning, asymmetry, visible wrinkling, and impeded breast feeding function. 

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