Rhinoplasty for Nose Reshaping

A prominent feature lying in the middle on the face is the nose. Among other facial features, it is a major factor for defining the balance. A large difference in the nose appearance can be achieved only by undergoing slight changes to the nose structure. In addition to appearance, self-confidence and self-image are also affected by change of aesthetic proportions. An aesthetically proportionate and pleasing nose provides an attractive look to an ordinary face. The nose appearance can be changes through a variety of methods. Modern refinements in plastic surgery provides an aesthetically pleasing nose by shaping and correcting nose deformities.


Rhinoplasty is the best recommended option for meeting aesthetic goals or reconstructive purposes such as correction of birth defects, trauma or breathing problems. To enhance the aesthetic results, other surgical procedures such as chin augmentation can be combined with rhinoplasty. This conjunction is performed for cosmetic reasons for enhancing the proportion and appearance of the nose. Along with an individual’s self-confidence. Breathing problems due to structural nose abnormalities caused by birth defect or injury can be corrected by nose plastic surgery. This surgery can also be used for broken nose.


One of the most popular plastic surgery is the nose job procedure. The nose job or rhinoplasty surgery aims to correct and reconstruct the form, restores the functions, and aesthetically enhances the nose. This is achieved by resolving congenital defect, respiratory impediment, nasal trauma, and failed primary rhinoplasty. A functional and facially proportionate aesthetic nose is created by an Otolaryngologists (ear, throat, and nose specialist), maxillofacial surgeon, or plastic surgeon by separating the soft tissues and the nasal skin from the nasal framework.

Prior to the nose job, the patient is physically examined to determine whether he or she is physically fit to tolerate or undergo the physiologic stresses of surgery.

Rhinoplasty techniques: During rhinoplasty surgery, one of two techniques can be used. The first one refers to an open technique while the second one is a closed technique. In open rhinoplasty, across the skin separating the nostrils, an additional incision is made. In close rhinoplasty, incisions are made only inside the nose, and post-surgery shows no visible scars, and healing is very quick. An open Rhinoplasty is a long duration procedure. It may often show more scaring and bruising post surgery.

Types of rhinoplasty: Primary and Secondary. Primary rhinoplasty, basically, deals with an aesthetic corrective procedure, or functional reconstructive nose surgery. Secondary rhinoplasty is denoted to review a failed rhinoplasty. The corrections within secondary rhinoplasty include cosmetic re-modelling of the nose due to the presence of an unaddressed nasal fracture; an imperfect nose tip.

Without employing invasive surgery, filler injections such as collagen are used in the non-surgical nose job, to alter the nose shape. Fillers are used to fill the depressed areas on the nose. This helps to lift the tip angle or smoothen the appearance of bridge bumps. Although it does not alter the size of the nose, but can be used to correct some functional birth defects.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty: In ethnic rhinoplasty, esthetic corrections are made along with the ethnic specific features which are kept intact, to achieve better appearance. African American rhinoplasty and Asian rhinoplasty are the most requested type of ethnic rhinoplasty.

Broken nose surgery: Depending upon the amount of damage, it may vary. Bony damage is more easy to repair than the cartilage displacement. Repairing a broken nose is always a best option to restrain misalignment of the cartilage and bone fragments. A more extensive nose reconstruction using rib or ear cartilage grafts, can be employed to deal with repeated nasal bone and cartilage fractures. Similar to the cartilage, after each injury, the nasal bones also deform. Surgery is chosen as an alternative if there occurs multiple breaks in the nose, or inner portions of the nose get damaged, or deformity persists.

Male rhinoplasty: With regard to rhinoplasty, specific management issues are presented by men. Men frequently suffer from nasal injuries caused by altercations, sports, or other mechanisms. To return the nose to the preinjury state without any modification, the men tend to undergo broken nose surgery. The aesthetic goals of nose job surgery differ for both men and women. It is often noticed that male noses have a stronger profile line, with less tip rotation, more tip projection, and thicker nasal skin. The clear idea of surgeon’s experience in nose correction can be obtained from seen the photographs of rhinoplasty taken before and after procedure. Rhinoplasty involves similar basic techniques as in other such procedures.

A more feminine and softer look is provided by female rhinoplasty. However, in men, the procedure mainly tends to refine the nostrils and bridge. Sometimes, in male rhinoplasty, for unblocking and straightening the nasal septum, a procedure called septo rhinoplasty is performed in conjunction. In addition, breathing problems caused by contact sporting injuries such as martial arts, rugby, and boxing, are also relieved.

Advantage of Rhinoplasty: The nasal anatomy which needs to be altered can be well-exposed through good nose jobs. Depending upon the plastic surgeon’s like, it can be suitably studied and altered. In open nasal operations, it is easy and very extensive to perform grafting procedure. After open rhinoplasty, it is possible to carry out revision rhinoplasty.

The risks associated with both female and male nose job surgery are similar. In males, more tougher or stronger bones are observed than females. During nose job recovery, the chances of nasal trauma are great. This occurs when the need of bone filling becomes necessary for achieving the desired shape. During the first few days of recovery, swelling is usually more intense. As compared to the female patients, bleeding lasts for a longer duration in men.

Complications of rhinoplasty: Although, rhinoplasty is a safe procedure, but still complications may arise. Some degree of risks is included in all surgeries. They include surgical risks such as infection or bleeding, delayed healing, risks of anesthesia  rupture of small surface nose vessels, sudden nosebleeds, alterations to nasal airways and irregularities or asymmetry in nose shape.

The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons: The surgical outcomes includes a very important aspect of pre-operative phase. Prior to surgery, a best rhinoplasty surgeon gives an entire information about the outcome and associated risks to the individual. Best rhinoplasty surgeons also makes use of methodical approach.

Cosmetic surgery is significantly chosen in India, owing to the expertise of plastic surgeons  People choose to undergo rhinoplasty plastic surgery in India because of its ever-improving international standards of healthcare services and delivery. Nose job is performed by top rhinoplasty surgeons at state-of-the art centers. They make use of latest technologies and best infrastructure, that equally balances with other world class facility. In addition to infrastructure and quality-based treatment, most of the patients are attracted to India for cosmetic surgeries due to its affordable treatment cost. Private tertiary care Medical Institutions in India are among the best in the world. These institutions are well-equipped with more sophisticated technologies with cheap Rhinoplasty. Cheap rhinoplasty may not refer to the best nose jobs. The reputation of the otorhinolaryngology surgeon is a major fact which should be cross checked. This is done to ensure that the surgeons are experienced enough to carry out the surgery with full confidence. As compared to the rhinoplasty cost in abroad, the cost of rhinoplasty treatment offered to international patients in India is very less. However, quality standard of treatment in India is not affected by the low rhinoplasty cost. Location is not a factor on which cost depends. The urban areas cost more while the cost is less in rural areas. 

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