Thigh Liposuction

With growing age, the overall proportion of the body becomes unbalanced. A great amount of fat deposits are seen to occur in the outer and inner high region. The skin and tissue in these areas lose their elasticity, and gives a sunken appearance. In some individuals, special diet or exercises fail to cut down the excess skin. The unwanted pound affects the self-confidence and image of an individual. This urges for a need of thigh liposuction procedure. Thigh liposuction procedure aims to remove or sculpt the excess fat deposits from thigh. As a result, a more attractive and symmetrical thigh is achieved. Patients with relatively normal body weight, but pockets of excess skin on the thighs are ideal for thigh liposuction procedure. The procedure can be performed on both men and women. In the thigh liposuction procedure, a tiny incision is made under the skin. A small thin tube called cannula, is then inserted through the incision. The excess fat lying in the region between the skin and the thigh muscles is removed by the cannula. The scars, being very small in size, are not much visible. The results of thigh liposuction procedure are usually permanent. The procedure does not intend to improve the wrinkles or deep lines. Like other cosmetic procedures, some complications such as bruising, patchy skin, stretchmarks, and irregular pigmentation are noticed. Complete recovery might take upto 6 months to 8 months. The cost of thigh liposuction varies depending upon the type of surgery. Other factors such as surgeon’s experience, geographical location, and the amount of fat to be removed, can also increase the surgery cost.

Inner thigh liposuction: Most of the women who intend to undergo thight liposuction, have fat deposits extended mainly to the inner thigh region. The main goal of inner thigh liposuction is to improve the shape as well as appearance of this region. The deep wrinkles are not corrected with this surgery. In fact, the wrinkles may get worsen with thigh liposuction. 

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