A body which is well-proportioned and fit is regarded to be a symbol of health and endurance. Despite having good health and fitness, in some individuals, excessive deposit of generalized or localized fat is observed. Several factors such as heredity or family traits, resistant to dieting and exercise, etc may contribute for such appearance. liposuctionOver the last two decades, the technical advances have led to the invention of a technique called liposuction, which enables the removal of such fat deposits. Liposuction has world-wide become a common aesthetic procedure owing to the pressure on the people to have a great body and attractive look. Other names for liposuction surgery are fat modelling and lipoplasty. For the purpose of removing fat from different sites of the human body, a cosmetic surgery called liposculpture suction lipectomy (suction-assisted fat removal) or lipo is employed. Unhealthy dietary habits or improper lifestyle, or both, may be the factors responsible for fat accumulation. Women after delivery suffers from various problems such as difficulty in losing weight, stretch marks, and skin lose. Lipo procedure helps to permanently remove the fat cells, thereby reshaping and providing a slimmer appearance to the body areas. The removal of fat deposits also helps to improve the body proportion and contour. However, liposuction surgery cannot be recommended as an alternative to physical exercise or dieting. The fat areas which are resistant to exercise and diets are only removed with this procedure. It is of great help in modelling the body into a new shape. In case, buttock augmentation is done in conjunction with other liposuction procedures, the fat which is removed can be used to add volume to the buttocks. This is an advantage of combining two techniques in cosmetic liposuction procedure. The most common combination for a liposuction plastic surgery procedure are the upper and lower abdomen, hips, and love handles. These are chosen for combination because these are the major body parts with heavy deposits of fat.

Areas such as abdomen, neck, thighs and buttocks, back of the arms, and elsewhere, are perfect body parts for fat removal. However, fat deposits in some regions are very resistant. In such regions, there may not occur significant change in the body proportion. Instead, heavy weight and bulges continues to bother the patient. In liposuction treatment, the fat cells are permanently removed from such areas. This helps to sculpt the body back into its shape. It is not advisable to combine abdomen liposuction with simultaneous tummy tuck procedures. The reason being that this combination poses higher risk of mortality and complications.

In Lipo surgery, a hollow tube (cannula) and a suction device (aspirator) is used to remove fat. Based on the working mechanism of cannula, liposuction procedure can be categorized as: Power-assisted liposuction (PAL), Suction-assisted liposuction (SAL), Twin-cannula (assisted) liposuction (TCAL or TCL), Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), Water-assisted liposuction (WAL), External ultrasound-assisted liposuction (XUAL or EUAL), or Laser assisted liposuction surgery.

For non-invasive liposuction of parts such as hips, waist, and thighs, a low-level laser called Zerona is employed. Zerona being a quick and painless treatment, is capable of disrupting fat cell, or adipocyte, or membranes, which cause the release of stored lipids and fatty materials, thereby promoting the collapsing of the adipocyte. An FDA cleared device, Zerona, helps you to re-shape your body, lose inches, and cut-off the stubborn fat from the body without using any painful plastic surgery procedures.

A liposuction system, namely Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, with a trade name VASER, aims to selectively liquefy fatty tissue prior to body extraction with the help sound waves. Physicians make use of VASER technology to extract fat with less tearing of the surrounding tissues. As a result, pain, blood loss, and bruising is reduced. In VASER Lipo suction, a precise tissue is combined selectively with a high volume efficacy. There occurs no sign of any complication, contour irregularity, burn, or prolonged swelling. The technology employs small access incisions and only minimal blood loss occurs.

A high degree of precision body contouring is achieved from this surgical technique. This ultrasonic frequency specifically targets the fatty tissue. Surrounding structures such as bones, joints tendons, blood vessels and the nerves, etc. Are neither injured nor suffers any damage from this technique. The blood supply to the skin along with other surrounding structures are protected. This permits very thorough fat aspiration. A highly designed tech probes are used to accurately contour the fat in these areas. These probes are capable of delivering precise energy to the target tissue, thus allowing their emulsification and aspiration by Vent X canulae. Both Vaser assisted Liposelection and Liposuction aim to treat the fat tissue. In liposuction, fat deposits are removed by separating and aspirating fat globules. This results in significant damage to the tissue and surrounding structures. Due to the manual aspirating process, some of the injury to the structures are inevitable. However, it is difficult to address tiny fat deposits and their aspiration by standard liposuction method.

Abdomen liposuction: In both men and women, abdomen lipo procedure mainly tends to treat the abdomen area. The success of abdominal liposuction depends upon several factors: the quantity and location of abdominal fat, pregnancy history, weight gain and weight loss history, the age and sex of the patient.

Chin Liposuction: In some men and women, high fat deposits under the chin exists genetically. Even in individuals with normal weight, a fuller and older look is offered by a double chin. A simple solution in the form of chin lipo is provided to this common problem with cosmetic liposuction. The procedure removes the excess fat accumulated underneath the chin. In addition, it also helps to dramatically change the facial appearance, thereby providing a fresh and rejuvenated look. For a more powerful change, people often choose to combine chin liposuction with an implant or a lift. Compared to other procedures, chin liposuction is regarded to be a simple liposuction process.

Thigh liposuction: With aging, there occurs a great change in the shape of the buttock and outer thigh. The reasons for such a change include increased gluteal weight and loss of tissue elasticity. In older women, the liposuction procedure is targeted to inferior outer buttocks. A cosmetically displeasing shape is observed, in case, an outer thigh lipo is performed neglecting the excess fat deposits in the inferior buttock and the upper posterior thigh region.

Inner thigh liposuction: Among women, desiring for a liposuction treatment, a common area of cosmetic concern is the inner thigh. The inner thigh rubbing is significantly reduced by inner thigh lipo procedure. In male patients, upper inner thigh liposuction is often recommended. Sometimes, inner thigh lipo is done in conjunction with inner knee liposuction. Although, medical complications are rarely seen in this procedure, but some cosmetic complications like uneven pigmentation and patchy skin, may occur. The removal of fat poses higher risks.

Back liposuction: Significantly vast improvements are visibly observed in back lipo procedure. In patients with very less amount of weight to lose, this procedure is practically considered to be easy. The surgeons who perform liposuction may not necessarily be well-trained and experienced. The best breast surgeon or the best facelift surgeon might not show high skills as a liposuction surgeon.

The recovery in liposuction procedure depends upon several factors such as the type of liposuction, the area treated, and the type of anesthesia. Lipo procedure usually involves a period two weeks for recovery. However, for small area liposuction, fast healing is expected.

Liposuction risks include: Scars, numbness, bruising, pain, swelling, and post-operative weight gain. In some patients, an uncomfortable, painful and even annoying state of limited mobility is observed. However, if the condition worsens, complications such as skin or internal organ damage, fluid imbalance, burns, and allergic reaction to medications or materials used during surgery, may occur.

Depending upon the number of areas involved, duration of the procedure, location, and the liposuction doctor’s experience, cost variation in liposuction procedure may be seen. The type of liposuction (PAL, SAL, VASER, Vibro, etc.) employed also affects the price of the liposuction technique.

India offers a wide range of quality liposuction treatment to medical tourist at an affordable cost. Among medical tourists, India is considered as a favorite destination for plastic surgery procedures. When compared with the UK, liposuction prices are one-fourth in India. 

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