Lip Augmentation

Nowadays, lip augmentation and lip enhancement have become one of the most branded cosmetic procedures. Typically, these procedures make use of inject-able dermal fillers such as Restylane lip fillers or Juvederm, or lip collages. These are often used to provide plumpness to the lips through lip injections. They can also be used to reduce the fine wrinkles around the mouth. A non-animal clear gel, Restylane, usually occurs naturally in the body and is more preferable. The effect of injections normally last for a duration of 4 months to a year. In some procedures, specific materials are surgically implanted to achieve permanent lip augmentation.

Lip augmentation

Some of the minor complications of this procedure include: Itching, bleeding, scarring, fever, redness, allergic reaction at the site of injection. If done by a non-skilled surgeon, severe complications such as unexpected results, implant hardening or disproportionate lips may be noticed.


Based on micro-sphere technology, a new class of fillers were introduced. Micro-spheres are small round solid particles which have a uniform size. These products are the best alternative for volume replacement. They are also used to treat deep facial wrinkles. However, they are not recommended for use on lips.

The best surgeon for lip enhancement procedure is the one who thinks aesthetically. The main focus is given to the shape of the lips and balance between the lips. The surgery should be done such that the new lip look perfectly matches the face. Several factors such as age, gender, facial shape, and personal aspires, are taken into concern prior to the lip correction surgery. Lip reduction treatment tends to provide desired shape and size to the lips. Compared to UK, United States, and other such countries, the Lip Reduction cost in India is affordable.

Complications: Lip augmentation procedure does not involve too much risk, compared to other cosmetic procedures. The risk factor mainly depends upon the type of implant or filler chosen. The results of a lip augmentation procedure using fat injections are highly unpredictable. In some individuals, lumping and scarring is noticed. Since the incisions are made inside the mouth so these scars remain hidden. The scars cause tightening of the lips. Loosners are used to soften the scars. At least for a week, the lips will remain swollen and bruised. Sometimes, the chances of symmetry, seroma, general dissatisfaction, and hematoma, are high.

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