Hair Transplant for Women

Even though, hair loss in women is less noticeable, but it still has more emotional impact. Ver few remedial options are offered to women for a hair loss, as compared to men. In some men, hair thinning at the crowns, temples or hairline is observed. This condition is referred to as female pattern baldness. Hormonal imbalance is a major cause of hair loss in women. Sudden hair loss in women may also occur during the birth of a child. Development of a new hair follicle can be initiated using hormonal therapies with Progesterone (a female hormone).

hair transplant for women

Hair transplant Treatment Options for women

The treatment methods for baldness ranges from medicinal to surgical. In women, the tropical treatment Rogaine is highly in use. Hair restoration surgery is also opted by women to restore the lost hair. Tiny incisions are made on the scalp surface of the recipient. Specific micro lancet is used to implant grafts in the incisions. Topography is a major factor kept in mind while making the incisions. In order to provide a discreet and natural look to the implant, it is essential that the incisions are properly angled. Each of the graft implantation is done manually. To avoid any damage, the grafts are handled very carefully. The hair transplant procedure aims to introduce a maximum quantity of hair in the smallest possible area. In case, the hair loss pattern in females is concentrated in a particular area, like in male pattern baldness, then hair transplant surgery is recommended. However, those women who are seen to have a very diffused hair loss, are not considered good to undergo hair restoration surgery. A person’s hairline can be lowered by utilizing an alternate surgical technique. The excess tissue lying beneath the existing hair line is immediately excised in this procedure. Thus, the hairline moves forward and down. For additional benefits, this procedure can be done in conjunction with a brow lift surgery.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant for women

In non-surgical hair transplant for women, a thin transparent layer of polyurethane is used to the scalp. This layer forms a tight membrane and acts as an additional skin layer. Later, the human hair will be implanted in the membrane needed to be replaced. This hair should match with the existing hair of the patient. The membrane is then attached to the scalp. To produce a natural effect, the membrane is wreathed with the existing hair. The results of the transplantation surgery are guaranteed. Compared with other procedures, it is a Cheap Hair Transplant technique.

Non surgical hair transplant procedures

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