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In the early stages of male-pattern hair loss and baldness, the drug Propecia is highly recommended in stemming the existing hair loss. The Follicular hair transplantation is a powerful method, designed specifically to help the male pattern baldness sufferers deal with this medical condition without any side-effects. Researches give an evidence of prostaglandin D2 to be a major cause of male baldness. Hair loss can be slowed down or limited by reducing stress. Alopecia areata can be temporarily reversed by applying immuno-suppressants to the scalp. However, some side-effects are usually noticed. For healthy hair to grow and mature, a healthy environment is essential. This can be achieved by effective cleansing and moisturizing of the scalp. It also helps in keeping the follicles open, while controlling thinning and miniaturization.

hairt ransplntation for men

The donor grafts can be extracted in two ways: strip excision harvesting and follicular unit extraction. Strip harvesting is stated to be the most common technique employed in the graft extraction process. It is a safe method to remove hair and follicles from the donor site. This method exclusively aims to treat areas at the back and side of the scalp. The incisions are made as such to remove the intact hair follicles. The strips are then dissected into the hair follicular units. The Follicular unit hair transplant method serves as the only technique to restore permanent growing and natural looking hair. In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a donor hair is extracted for transplantation in a follicualr unit hair transplant

Fue procedure

The FUE procedure involves a specialized instrument. It helps to make a small, circular incision around the follicular unit in the skin. A small open hole remains back, when the unit is directly extracted from the scalp. The step-by-step removal of the follicular unit directly from the scalp makes the FUE procedure different from the traditional Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). In FUT, a thin and long strip of donor hair is removed from the scalp. A stereo-microscope is subsequently used to dissect the donor hair into individual follicular units. The follicular units are then placed on the recipient sites to grow into healthy hair-producing follicles.

The individuals who had a very poor healing after traditional strip harvesting or who have very tight scalp, greatly benefits from this technique. The hair from other body parts, other than the donor scalp, such as the trunk or beard, is also potentially removed with FUE technique. FUE includes many advantages like no linear visible scar, no reaction to the sutures, stitch-less  no infection and virtually painless.

The young men in whom hair loses have just began are recommended by the top hair transplant surgeons not to undergo hair loss treatment. The best hair transplant surgeon makes use of advanced technologies and procedures. A high level quality result is only attained if the hospital is well-equipped with the best hair transplant surgeon and dedicated trained medical staff.

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