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A good hair serves an individual with a wonderful physical appearance. Although, hair loss does not cause any physical harm, but severely distresses the self-confidence and self-image of an individual. In recent years, rapid advancement has been witnessed in the hair transplantation procedure. A number of balding men and women have opted for this technique owing to its natural looking results.

hair transplant for men

In hair transplantation technique, the individual hair follicles from a specific part of the body are moved to the bald or balding areas. The treatment procedure exclusively targets the male pattern baldness. The genetically bald resistant graft containing hair follicles is transplanted to the bald scalp. The scars caused by accidents or surgery such as face-lifts or prior hair transplantation, can also be filled with this procedure. It is also used to restore the eyebrows, chest hair, eyelashes, beard hair, and pubic hair. Almost all of the epidermis and dermis surrounding the hair follicles are made used in the hair transplantation method. Instead of a single strip of skin, a number of grafts are transplanted in this procedure.


The most common cause of hair loss and hair thinning in humans is androgenic alopecia. However, exceptions may occur in both men and women. The name given to this condition is male pattern baldness. Vitamin D deficiency is the main factor responsible for this condition. The hair loss occurs in a well-defined pattern. Classical pattern baldness is the one which begins above both the temples. In some individuals, hair at the crown of the head become thin. Classic male pattern baldness is rarely observed in females. Instead, hair around the whole scalp becomes thinner. In women, this type of androgenic alopecia is mainly responsible for total baldness. The androgenic alopecia involves a wide variety of genetic and environmental factors. It is believed that pattern hair loss is related to hormones called androgens, particularly dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The hair follicles being genetically sensitive to DHT, leads to male pattern baldness. As a result, the follicles shrink.

How much does hair transplants cost?

Hair transplantation cost is a prime factor for all those individuals who wish to undergo hair replacement procedure. The cost of hair transplantation for an individual depends upon several factors such as a hair replacement needs, type of replacement procedure, and type and quality of the membrane. If the procedure makes use of human hair, then the cost of hair transplantation is higher. In India, an appreciably improved quality hair transplantation treatment is offered at an affordable price. Sometimes, looking out for a cheap price can cause permanent damages such as infection, scarring at the back and front and bleeding. 

Hair Transplantation can be done for both genders

  1. Hair Transplant for Men
  2. Hair Transplant for Women

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  • Avinash

    Hair Transplant is a surgical technique that is used to treat Male Pattern Baldness. In this minimally invasive procedure, grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to balding are taken from the ‘donor area’ and transplanted to the bald scalp.
    Transplanted hair grow like natural hair and helps patients achieve a natural appearance. The transplanted hair can be cut, shampooed, oiled etc as the natural hair.

    Hair Transplant is one of the most reliable method available to treat baldness. Various types of hair transplant techniques used for successful hair growth results. FUT, FUE, COMBO(FUT+FUE) and BHT are the latest techniques available to restore hair on scalp and facial areas.

    It is the only permanent solution to baldness with guaranteed results among all the treatment options that are available today.