Otoplasty – Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Congenitally protruding or bat ear have a subtle effect on the emotional and behavioral aspect of a growing child. Otoplasty (ear correction) refers to the surgical procedures designed for correcting this cosmetic deformity. This method is often known as pinning back of the ears. Otyoplasty can either be a reconstructive procedure or a cosmetic procedure. The deformities and defects of the external ear can be corrected by using surgical or non-surgical procedures. The procedure mainly aims to reconstruct a deformed, or defective, or absent external ear, which are followed by congenital trauma and conditions. A best example of cosmetic otoplasty is the pinning back of prominent ears. On the other hand, an example of reconstructive otoplasty is the surgery used to build up the outer ear after injury.


The cartilaginous support framework of the pinna can be reshaped, or moved, or augmented. This helps to achieve an external ear with natural look, shape and proportion. The ideal time for treatment is before the deformity causes psychological stress and trauma to the individual. Ear surgery helps bring back the lost proportion and balance to the face and ears, thus creating a natural shape. Correcting minor deformities can also add benefits to the appearance and self-esteem.

During the procedure, the cartilage is made exposed by creating an incision on the back of the ear. Depending upon the pre-operative plan, the cartilage is reshaped or excised. The angle between the head and the ear are minimized. For retaining the ear to a new position, permanent stitches are used. Stitches along with a fluffy dressing is used to close the incision made beneath the skin. For fast healing, a bandage is used to cover the ear.

Complications may include: hematoma, bleeding, infection or suture complications.

Based on the type of procedure, geographic location, and surgeon’s experience, the ear surgery cost may vary.¬†

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