Chin Augmentation

The lowermost part of the face, the chin, plays a significant role in maintaining the facial profile. A more younger, attractive and healthier look is achieved by a stronger chin. Chin augmentation using surgical implants tends to provide better balance to the facial features by modifying the underlying face structures. Proper jaw bone modification helps in achieving chin augmentation. More dramatic results are offered in the augmentation procedure which makes use of jaw implants rather than prosthetic implants. An aesthetic chin surgery aims to correct a weak chin in addition to improving the facial balance. Patients who have normal functioning teeth and jaw development are mainly recommended to undergo chin augmentation procedure which involves the use of implants. The dimensions of the jaw are altered by fixing a bio-compatible implant over the bony part of the lower jaw. Depending upon the augmented region, you can either enhance the size of your face or can make your chin more strong or wide. Sometimes, in order to keep a balance with the facial proportions, this surgery is combined with rhinoplasty. Patients who have completed the bone aging process, are regarded to be the best candidates for chin augmentation.


Chin implants are mainly employed to build a better profile. Chin augmentation utilizing donated bone implants such as bone from ribs and pelvis, are considered to be at a higher risk of infection. Nowadays, implants with a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials are available. Depending upon the technique used and changes desired, the appropriate implant is chosen. In this procedure, a small incision is created just below the chin. The implant is placed in a pocket directly above the bone which lies along the lower jaw. An incision is made inside the mouth, in case, rigid bio-compatible materials such as Medpor are utilized, instead of solid silicone implants. The surgery is best performed by a otolaryngologist, or oral and maxillofacial surgeon, or plastic surgeon. Being an easy chin plastic surgery, the chin augmentation is still a popular procedure world-wide. It produces significant noticeable changes in the face line.

A chin implant is relatively an easy procedure to treat patients with only a cosmetic concern. Chin implants are available in different shapes and sizes. Chin enhancement is possible only in those areas which serves a bone underneath. Either an upper lip or a lower eyelid may be used to place cheek implants. Both men and women who desire to have a stronger facial profile are suitable for chin implant surgery. The surgery plays a significant role in realigning the face structures of the patient. Face restructuring to attain a better balance is another option offered by the chin implants. The jaw line is a major face feature which is helpful in defining someone’s appearance. Jaw implants aim to provide an attractive and well-chiseled look to the individual. It is important for the individuals who are desiring undergo jaw implant procedure to be highly realistic and realize the process limitations. The clients who are looking forward for a striking appearance change, may achieve optimal results from a combination of jaw and chin implants.


  • Implant infection: Even if the implant is placed through the mouth, the possibility of infection is very rare. Once the implant gets infected, it should be replaced with a new one.

  • Implant displacement: Since the implant is fixed to a soft tissue and remains unattached to the bone, so frequent displacement of implant is necessary.

  • Temporary alternations in the chin sensations.

  • Minor risks include hematoma, swelling and numbness of the lower tip.

The chin augmentation price includes the professional fee, chin implant cost, facility fee, and the anesthesia fee. However, there is a reduction in the treatment cost if chin augmentation is combined with another procedure. 

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