Buccal Fat Extraction/Removal

A look of fullness in the face symbolizes health and youth. However, the harmony of the facial features may get disrupted if the fullness becomes excess. As a result, a chipmunk cheek impression is achieved that may affect an individual’s self-confidence. Pads of fat accumulated in the lower cheek region contributes to the buccal fat. An unfavorable appearance is attained, if in any case, the fat extends to the lower cheek area and the jawline. The facial features can be slimmed down using a number of methods. Buccal fat pad extraction is a plastic surgery procedure which is used to remove the buccal fat pad, and thereby reduces prominent cheeks. A more delicate, sculpted appearance is produced by Cheek Fat Reduction procedure. A buccal fat removal offers a more defined, chiseled look.

Fat reduction procedures are classified into two types: Buccal Fat Removal procedure and Facial Liposuction. Buccal fat removal differs from facial liposuction in the fact that it does not involve visible scars. Sometimes, when an excess of fat is required to be removed, then buccal fat excision is combined with a mini-liposuction. In cheek reduction surgery, an incision is made in the mouth, which extends to the back of the buccal cavity lying near to the second upper molar.


Although, medical benefits are not seen, but buccal fat removal offers cosmetic benefits. The results include an enhanced look with thinner and more defined cheeks. Thus, the individual receives a higher level of confidence and greater self-esteem.

Complications: Sometimes, the surgery causes damage to the buccal branch of the facial nerve. This nerve is responsible for controlling the facial functions. The damage can lead to partial facial paralysis, regional facial numbness and loss of taste. In some men and women, hematoma may occur due to injury to the parotid duct, which might later affect salivation. If too much or less of cheek fat or bone is removed, then asymmetry may occur. Additional surgery is required to correct this condition. Lumps and bumps may be observed on the surface. If the older skin does not essentially shrink to fit the new reduced cheek area, then skin puckering may occur. All surgical procedures include the risk of infection and damage to surrounding tissues. The tissue damage may increase if the procedure is combined with liposuction.  

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