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World Disability Day

Value the abilities of Disabled on this special day – Dec 3rd Why the world is celebrating disability day? World disability day otherwise known as International day of people with Disability is a day that has been fostered by United Nations since 1992. The point is to inspire with confidence an understanding of people affected […]

Air Pollution makes Delhi the world’s most polluted city

In November 2014, Joshua Apte, a Scientist from America visited India to give an insight to the alarming findings he collected about the air pollution in Delhi.He travelled in an autorickshaw with his laptop and various air pollution monitors.Monitors spiked throughout the journey.It was cocnluded that in a city of 25 million, the people who […]

Bird Flu Outbreak in Kerala

       The Whole of south India is on high alert following the outbreak of avian influenza also known as bird flu in Kerala. In November 2014, Kerala state government authorities have confirmed the outbreak of bird flu in the districts of  Alappuzha and kottayam. It was reported that about 17000 ducks perished last week and […]

Heart Surgery on Foetus : The first-of-its-kind in India

Maiden Heart Surgery on Foetus in Hyderabad , India A group of 12 doctors from hyderabad have successfully performed a heart surgery on foetus, the first-of-its-kind surgery in India which gives the country a new great reason to celebrate on world foetus day.The heart surgery was performed on foetus to rectify a major problem which […]