Be Careful About The Sports Injuries

Exercise has always been a fun and a good practice to keep yourself energetic as well as physically and mentally fit. Getting fit a little bit can bring a great markable changes in your life style. But there are chances for you to get injured while you play sports or exercise. This might be just because of an accident, poor training or due to improper gear. Some can get these injuries as not being in shape, not warming up or not have enough stretching.

Treat your sports injury with MedEguruEvery year a million of people gets suffered from sports injury leading to a miserable disappointment themselves, family and coaches. But the pressure to play can lead you to the terrible situations of long term effects due to injuries. These may cost you for surgeries and other hazardous issues in life.

Sports injury news of players who pulled out from Rio Olympics 2016

Just moving to the Rio Olympics 2016, our mind and hearts have completely immersed in the colours of Rio Olympics 2016.

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But we daily get downhearted hearing the news of many sports players pulling out from this summer Olympics due to certain sports injuries. Some of such players are;

“Birendra Lakra, who was the Hockey India’s player of the year 2014, misses out Rio 2016 Olympics suffering from a ligament tear (ACL tear) and is suggested to take a 4 months rest for his recovery.”

Birendra Lakra injured

“Rafa Nadal, who won gold in Beijing eight years ago, got a wrist injury and is forced to withdraw from Rio 2016 Olympics.”

“Stan Wawrinka, agitated by a back injury during Rogers Cup in Canada and is leaving Rio 2016 Olympics.”

“Marquis Deny, who made the US team in the long jump, has withdrawn from the summer Olympics Rio Olympics as suffered from a lower right leg injury.”

“Roger Federer announced that he will miss the Rio Olympics and the rest of the 2016 season due to a knee injury.”

“Belinda Bencic, the latest top 20 tennis player to pull out of Rio Olympics with a wrist injury.”

“Marcos Baghdatis pulls out of Rio Olympics due to an elbow injury.”

“Diver Brittany Broben, the silver Olympic medallist from London 2012, has been forced to withdraw from the games with a shoulder injury.”

It is always important to quickly stay back from the sports and seek a proper treatment when you have undergone any kind of sports injury. You need to follow safe guidelines so as to ensure your best possible recovery. The treatment often includes RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) helping for pain relief, swelling reduction and speed healing.

Common Sports Injuries :

Even though any part of the body like muscles, joints, bones, and the ligaments can be injured, the ankle and knees are the areas affected the most. The most commonly caused sports injuries are;

Sprains & strains : Sprain is caused due to the tearing of ligaments whereas strain by the damages to muscles and tendons.

Treatment : You may stop your activity, take rest, use ice and then bandage the affected area, raise the injured area above the heart height and avoid exercise. If you don’t find any improvement in the situation, you should immediately consult your doctor for further medical investigation.

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treatment for sports injury with MedEguru

Knee injuries : Common type of knee injuries include the tearing of ligaments, tendons, and cartilages and patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Treatment : Immediate steps include the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate) which says, stop your activity and take rest, apply ice to reduce the pain, swelling and internal bleeding, do not apply heat to the affected area, elevate the injured leg and avoid massaging the area. It is always better to consult a doctor for any kind of knee injuries as prompt treatment will help you to full recovery.

Swollen muscles : Swelling is caused in your body as a response to injury occurred. This is the first step towards healing.

Treatment : Protect from further damage, take rest, apply ice to get a relief from pain and bleeding, and elevate the injured area. If the swelling lasts for more than 2-3 weeks and seems to be chronic, you should consult your doctor and he will prescribe you the apt medications, exercise and therapy.

Achilles tendinitis : Achilles tendinitis is caused mostly in athletes due to the overuse of these tendons.

Treatment : RICE techniques should be followed immediately. Avoid the application of heat and avoid alcohol. Not every Achilles tendon injuries require surgeries, but some do need a surgical approach.

Rotator cuff injuries : Rotator cuff injury is a shoulder injury fearful to an athlete, which is very painful and its severity can even end a player’s career. This can cause a limited movement of your shoulder.

Treatment : This terrible condition needs to be looked after by your doctor as soon as possible. Therapy and surgeries are the adopted measures to heal the issue.

Tennis elbow : Tennis elbow is a condition not only seen in tennis players but also in other sports players or in those involved in such recreational activities involving repetitive muscles stress around the elbow. This can occur suddenly or may develop overtime.

Treatment : If occurred, this is a troublesome condition to be treated. Therefore, obtaining an accurate diagnosis from your doctor is quite important here.

Fractures & Dislocations : Fractures and dislocations are common in sports injuries when proper care is not taken and due to overuse. Repeated heavy activities can cause you fracture or dislocation.

Treatment : The first step to be taken is to stay back from the activity and similar that caused you the disorder. Getting involved in activities for the pain relief will help you heal your trouble soon. If not properly cared, there are greater chances of reappearance of the disorder.

The first and the best step that could be taken during a sports injury is to stop playing immediately. Continuing to play or performing such activities can put you in more and more severity of the disorder. Proper exercise should be practiced so as to keep your body fit and prevent you from many of the sports injuries.

Eagerly waiting with a lots of expectations in Rio Olympics 2016, hearty wishing and supporting all the players who are getting set for the safe battle. And also wishing the players to return to their fitness who unfortunately could not give their spark in Rio 2016.

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