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Who we are:

Medeguru is a comprehensive health portal where you can find extensive range of health information and various other useful services. We are getting hold on a wast range of web audience. We have already marked a successful within a short period of time. Our website analytic statistics will tell you the rest:

Web Analytic Stats

  • More than 41% of new visitors per month

  • 58.5% returning visitors

  • We get 30.8% and more organic visitors in a month

  • There is a direct traffic of 26%

  • 22% referral searches

  • 22% social searches

  • A user spends an average of 8 minutes on our website

We have a focused audience and target. We accept health-related ads only. It includes medical/healthcare products, clinics, hospitals and services. We accept ads on drugs that are liable to Indian law.

Pricing of Advertising

You can choose your zone as per your preference:

Zone A: If you choose zone A, your ad will be seen on the top of the page as a banner. (Cost, yet to decide)

Zone B: Zone B ads will appear on the right side of the page. It is meant for featured sponsor.

Zone C: Ads in the Zone C will be shown in the middle of the content in the page.

All ads will be hosted by us.