What is Orthopedics? Study relating to the musculoskeletal system is known as orthopedics. The organ system which provides support stability, form and movement to the human being  is known as musculoskeletal system. Muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilages, joints, connective tissues etc support and holds the tissues and organs together and allow different types of movement that is necessary for the human beings to carry out their normal activities.

The word ‘ ortho ‘ means straight and ‘ pedics ‘ means children. For a long period the word orthopedics was used for the treatment of the crippled children which was mainly focused on the straightening of their impaired leg bones.  After the inception of anesthesia and the introduction of aseptic technology in surgical procedure, orthopedic surgeons extended their surgical procedure to incorporate other bones and connected tissues to patients of all ages. Thus the word orthopedics has slowly evolved to include a wide variety of treatments related to musculoskeletal system disorders in people of all ages.At present orthopedic treatment encompasses a wide range of surgical and non surgical procedures pertaining to bio mechanics, elbow, foot and ankle,  hand and upper extremity, hip, knee,  neoplasm,  pediatrics, shoulder, spine, systemic diseases, trauma, etc.

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